Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Busy Busy! May 15, 2017 update

  We now have 2 of our 7 building sections "under roof". This process of form work, rebar work, concrete work and then curing is taking a little longer than a month, especially with rains that have been occurring almost daily. 
  While the roof concrete has been underway, the stucco workers have been very busy with our first section of the building and at this point they are down to only the detail work - outside corners, etc. This step has really transformed the building from a raw block structure into a real-looking building! There is an amazing amount of labor required in this stucco work, starting with a very rough coat that is literally thrown on the wall with a trowel, then a base coat that is applied in specific spots or lines that are then stringed so they create a flat plane and then a long 1x4 is used to screed or spread the stucco in between these areas. This is then followed by the finish coat using sand that has been shoveled thru a screen so only proper size sand is used. All of this requires strong shoulders, elbows and arms in general, especially the finish coat that is rubbed down smooth with water and a sponge. Finally once it has dried, this stucco will be dry-rubbed so it becomes even smoother.
  So with all of this underway, we are to the point where we will need finish materials, so one of the items we have been looking at are the windows and doors. There are many more finish items and materials we will be needing, SRI sent a list to everyone asking for any connections to suppliers - if you know of any, please let me know! kpotter@solidrockinternational.org
  At the end of the video you will also see that we are working on our 30,000 gallon water sistern and installing our main drain pipe with manholes for accessing this pipe. 
  The stucco work is underway in the second section with the rough coat being applied and it will soon be followed with many workers applying the stucco. We will be "jumping" across the main section of the building which has higher walls to the remaining part of the building that has the same elevation walls as where we started. This will make the carpentry and other work be able to be a little more efficient. 
  We recently had two representatives from IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative) spend two days with us reviewing the building and discussing exactly what services we are wanting to provide the poorest of the poor. These two gentlemen were amazing people full of knowledge and driven by the Words of Jesus Christ to serve others. 
  Mark Heydenburg has visited 104 countries doing this type of work and has an unbelievable understanding of what is needed for any type of medical procedure, how to best set up and install this equipment, knowledge of the historical progression and types of this equipment and finally knowledge if how to use and repair the equipment. I look forward to his help training the bio-med technicians we will have here at the hospital. Even though this is Mark's occupation, he said he looks at every trip as mission work working to fulfill God's call.  
  Mark's "boss" is Orlando Vargas, Orlando has been doing mission work since his teenage years and grew up here in the DR. He has fantastic connections with catholic bishops, churches, government officials, businesses and more who can all help us get things properly done. 
  After these two days I truly understand the concept of drinking from a firehose, an incredible wealth of information was provided and it is only the start. It was a perfect time to make some minor adjustments to the building so that it and the equipment will best fit together. A project such as this is only possible having IMEC as a partner who can supply the equipment we need with the amazing knowledge base of their people. 

  So below is a short video of what things look like.

Thanks for taking the time to read and view this update.
Thanks for your financial support of the project. 
Thanks for your prayers! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 2017 update - with some architectural flair!

The second of our Seven Sections is formed, now the Rebar workers will be busy assembing and installing the rebar for the beams and roof slabs in this section. 
On the section we completed the roof on last month we now have an architectural feature! Yes, the "swoop" adds some flair at a low cost - check it out in the pictures!

Meanwhile, we have completed our main Septic Tank, Completed our neighborhood bridge across the canal, are starting on the 30,000 gallon Water Cistern and getting our 140 meter main drain line in the ground. 

We plan to complete the roof concrete on this next section near the end of the month ... stay tuned!

It is a busy place and things are progressing well.

The Lobby has the form-work in place for the Roof Slab. 

A detail (work underway!) to be sure water is not an issue -  showing pipes that will allow a/c lines to run down into the room below but not directly penetrate the roof or be installed where they would be visible.

A full panorama of the front of the building

The Lobby is in the center with the section with a completed Roof Slab to the Left (see the "swoop"?). The Emergenct Room is to the Right - this section will have a higher wall height.

The Consult Section with our "swoop" / "Architectural Feature" - modern !?

Thank you for your interest, sharing our story and most importantly for your prayers and support.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 2017 Video Update

Here is a video update after getting the first roof slab completed ...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

One Roof down, 7 to go - here is a 3 minute time lapse

with Frank, Victor & Sandro (two of our 3 project engineers)

Started about 10am, finished abut 10pm.
- First Roof Section - Consult/Exam section
- top for main septic tank
- bridge across large canal

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ready to Start on the Roof!

Its been a long time coming, but we are finally here.
It is time to start placing concrete and creating the ROOF!
It will be a long process to get the entire building "under roof", but we will be doing this in 8 separate steps, so as we complete a section and move on to the next, we can begin finishing the previous section. So as we progress, the sections can be fully completed. Big Stuff.

Here is a Video showing what's been happening ...

Stay tuned for concrete! 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Madness ... in the DR, and first picture from the ROOF!

Yes, it is that time of year for basketball fans in the States. 

Here in the DR more updates will follow this month as we hope March will be the start of a huge step in the construction 

The project construction is moving along well as we move into the month of March. 
Along with the plumbers who are pressure testing the water supply lines, the electricians are installing junction boxes and conduits in the walls and are staying ahead of the carpenters who are assembling the concrete forms for the beams and the roof structure and finally rebar fabricators are hard at work using rebar up to 3/4" in diameter for the beams and roof structures. Concrete workers are also filling forms for various columns and places in the block walls as well. 

We have broken the building into 8 modules in order to more effectively use the available wood for forms and have a reasonable amount of concrete able to be placed in these forms. At this point we hope to place concrete for our first module the week of March 13th in the "consult" module. This area will require close to 100 cubic meters of high strength concrete so our concrete supplier will be getting equipment setup and supplies on hand to mix and place this in the elevated forms. 

Here is the FIRST picture from the ROOF!
These are the plywood sheets that form the bottom of the roof slab

Below are some recent pictures of the site:
Looking west with the consult module in the foreground.

Formwork for the Concrete Roof Slab

Looking straight into the Future Emergency Room Lobby Entrance.

Looking across the consult module being formed, you can see the higher walls that make up the center section of the facility.

Great to see "window openings" !

Panorama shot of the Entrance area .
A local Mennonite farmer is renting his Skid Steer to us for a very reasonable price
- it is a valuable machine to have on-site for moving materials!
   Thanks for your continued support both financially and prayerfully !!

A lone zinnia near the warehouse.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 2017 Update - picture summary

This will be a picture update. 

-Plumbing rough-in is completed.
-Government modifications completed. 
-Electrical rough-in is underway.
-Rebar fabrication is underway.
-Door Headers are underway.
-Main Septic Tank only needs
 coconut husks(yep) and a top.

Water pipes are in place and we will clean away any debris from
the pipes and surround with sand - after all have been pressure tested.
This is in one of the lab rooms where HOT WATER will also be
available. Most sinks will only have cold water - the norm in the DR.

A small bathroom added to the right
of one of the main nursing stations

Doorways for patient access have been widened

Location for a panel box for the "consult" section of the building.

Rough-in boxes for wall switches - these conduits run UP
to above the dropped ceilings where we will run
 the wiring to lighting and panel boxes.

A completed outlet installation - wiring will be added later and
 run below the floor slab. Having these in place will allow
 plasterers to finish the walls, the floors will be done after the wall plaster.

Electrical Rough-in work underway.
Here they are cutting in a slot for an outlet.

Gadget used to bend the rebar

Rebar assemblies ready to go

Rebar "cages" are used to assemble long rebar assemblies
 - these will be used for our "vigas"
A water level is used to set the
bottom heights of the header forms

A carpenter hammering a form in place

Forms are in place for the many headers that span doorways.

Looking down the Laboratory hallway
with forms in place for the headers.
Forming a door header

A door header and rebar assembly ready for concrete.
Mixing the concrete for the door headers.
filling the header - one bucket at a time.

The main septic tank is ready for a top once
coconut husks are added that will filter the
water before it leaves the tank.

Many things are underway that don't have the visual impact that 70,000 block do, but we are working on the details that create a functional building. 
Good stuff.

Thanks for your prayers and financial support, please consider helping us with a donation if you have not already done so.