Helpng to make the dream a reality

Volunteering to oversee Construction of a New Hospital to replace a 27+ year old facility staffed and operated by Dominicans. I am here on behalf of the many donors to the REVOLUTION campaign - a 4.5 Million Dollar campaign to fund this project.

Monday, August 7, 2017

A comprehensive update

Well, it is time for a full update so you can get a real feel for where we are with the project.

At the end of the video I've added a small tribute to Dr. James Diller. It was his efforts that led to the purchase of the land on which the hospital is being built. He hoped to build a new building on the land more than ten years ago. We all hoped we would finish the building before he left us, but on July 3rd he went on to God's kingdom. So now he can now follow our progress from the best seat in the house. I'll be devoting a blog to this amazing man in the near future.

There is much underway regarding all aspects of the project, from the actual construction work, to fundraising efforts, to cash flow issues, to finalizing equipment, to soliciting more material donations, to ensuring a definitive future so that this wonderful building will be a place from which Grace can be shared with others well beyond our time.
Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated and most necessary.

So if you have ten minutes or, sit back and see what the project is looking like.



  1. Ken,
    This is fabulous! I am amazed at the amount of work completed since I was there in January! God bless you and all those working with you!

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