Helpng to make the dream a reality

Nov 2014 to Oct 2017
- Volunteered to oversee Construction of a New Hospital to replace a 27+ year old facility staffed and operated by Dominicans. I spent 3 years on behalf of the many donors to the REVOLUTION campaign - a 4.5 Million Dollar campaign to fund this project.
August 2017 to September 2018
Work ceased while Tax issues resolved
Oct 2018
Working as project consultant to help get this wonderful project completed.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mid-July 2017 - much progress!

It is going to be a great week at the project!

Dropped Ceilings

A special thanks to Scott Bauer and Wrightway Interiors Systems in Peoria, IL. For allowing Mike Miquiston & Derek Allison to spent 4 working days with us and getting the dropped ceiling installed in the entire first section!

Their stilts and laser were big hits here in the DR!

Concrete Work
This week we plan to get over 260 cubic meters of concrete placed on the form work that is getting final preparations – this concrete will be the roof slab over intensive care, maternity, overnight rooms, and more -  a total of 1,103 square meters (11,872 square feet)!  This will be equivalent to the combined first two areas where we have completed this type of concrete work. With the completion of this area, we will have 54% of our roof area completed.

Randy and DJ installing perimeter plastic

Larry installing plugs in the roof drain pipes

Almost ready for this large amount of concrete

Special anchors for the Operating Light and Gas Pendant

Electrical and Medical Gases
Conduit pipes to run wires and piping between rooms

Our electrical crew is hard at work preparing for the concrete by installing countless numbers of conduits so that we will be able to easily run wires and gas pipe from room to room through the concrete walls and beams.

Conduit to run wiring from the roof into the room

The plumber is preparing to connect our water lines to the main 2” supply line that he will be installing soon. We want to get these first two sections of the building pressurized so we can confirm that there are no leaks before we begin placing a base layer of concrete on the floors. The cistern floor has been poured so the rebar and carpenters will begin getting the walls ready for concrete.

and ... Painting!

The team from my church (Second Presbyterian) in Roanoke, Virginia is doing some final prep work and getting paint on the walls in our first section of the building! We hope to show you some colors in a few days!

Katherine and Ann Ashley

Ali and Lexi ... and jefe Jim in the background

Thanks for your prayers for SRI, for the project, 
for workers and for our volunteers!


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